One of the sites I’ve visited and quite interesting founded by the It Girl Zooey Deschanel, love her (:  and love to share it with you





It’s 10:21 AM, in this beautiful warm sunny Sunday after a quick breakfast, think I have bit extra time am soon open my laptop and quick perusal of favorite blogs and websites. A few that I’ve bookmarked and visit often   (-:

you can quick copy paste each link to browse:

Shamanistic: Adornments + Amulets from the Sky, Earth & Sea- A beautiful piece work of Art




Teddy Girls.

My daily inspiration style picks http://tomboystyle.blogspot.com

Travel, Food and Style inspiration for moms, parents and non-parents too  http://momfilter.net/

Outfits inspire by photo of stylish gents http://nerdboyfriend.net/

For Travel seeker help, found some useful tips here: http://designtripper.net/

Aside is Daydreamer from Adele ..love love love her talent very much


Finally we’re all come to the very last month of this year..There’s so much event to remember at this month and one that will happening soon is Christmas and my first single holiday trip welcoming this windy winter weather..ahhhhhhh can’t wait (-: